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First Sunday of Lent - February 14, 2016

Jubilee Year of Mercy

First Sunday of Lent

On Ash Wednesday Pope Francis commissioned “Missionaries of Mercy,” priest confessors sent forth worldwide as “living signs of the Father’s readiness to welcome those in search of [God’s] pardon.” In a way, though, Pope Francis challenges all of us to become “missionaries of mercy” (Misericordiae Vultus, 18) by living Lent in this Jubilee Year of Mercy “more intensely as a privileged moment to celebrate and experience God’s mercy” (MV, 17).

Francis bids us make the prophet Micah’s words our own: “God . . . who does not persist in anger forever, but delights rather in clemency. You will cast into the depths of the sea all our sins” (Micah 7:18, 19). Having experienced God’s mercy ourselves in the unconditional forgiveness of our sins, how eager we should be to invite others to know the peace of God’s boundless mercy; perhaps even to experience, through our reaching out in gentle kindness and compassionate care, something of God’s unconditional love for them.

— Peter Scagnelli

Fast & Abstinence

Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are obligatory days of fasting and abstinence for Catholics. Fridays during Lent are obligatory days of abstinence. For the Latin Catholic Church, the norms on fasting are obligatory from age 18 to 59. When fasting, a person is permitted to eat one full meal. Two smaller meals may also be taken, but not to equal a full meal.

The norms concerning abstinence from meat are binding upon members of the Latin Catholic Church in the United States from age 14 onwards.

Bilingual Stations

Fridays at 7:00pm.

First Sunday of Lent


Someone once said that temptation arises when you’re tired and weary, and the devil comes along and makes a perfectly reasonable suggestion. We’ve heard this Gospel from Luke so many times that we are very familiar with it. Yet something new can always be perceived in this story. What strikes this reader this year is the way that Jesus uses the scriptures to answer his tempter each time. Even when the evil one quotes scripture to tempt Jesus, the Lord has a wise answer that shuts down his tempter. Today’s Gospel reading shows us that even the devil can quote scripture for his own purposes. But a correct interpretation can shut the door on this kind of abuse of scripture.

Forty Days

We can only imagine how hard a forty-day fast would be, and how hungry we would be afterward. To turn a stone into bread sounds like a harmless and reasonable suggestion. If we look elsewhere in the Gospels, however, we see Jesus enjoying many meals, but always in the company of others. He dines with Pharisees. He multiplies loaves and fishes for large crowds. He invites the disciples to join him for a breakfast on the beach after the Resurrection. We see him embrace eating as a communal act, always a sharing of self as well as a breaking of bread. Today he is being tempted to satisfy himself alone, ignoring that sharing of self that is so important.

The second temptation is more obvious. To worship the devil is something that Jesus sees right through. He quotes scripture to silence his adversary

The third is the most grandiose. To rule the whole known world is a temptation to which many in our own day succumb. The devil even uses scripture for his own purposes here. Jesus quotes, with finality, the scripture that puts an end to the tempting.

Jesus shows us that, with his help, we too can overcome our temptations, reasonable as they may sound.

Today’s Readings: Dt 26:4–10; Ps 91:1–2, 10–11, 12–13, 14–15; Rom 10:8–13; Lk 4:1–13

Feeding Our Own

This program needs your help to bring food for the hungry and the needy. Please find in your heart goodness to help the less fortunate.

God Bless You! Your support is appreciated!!

The Parish Mission of St. Martha Church

We, the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Martha, are a diverse and multicultural parish in Miami Shores, Florida. As a vibrant Catholic community of faith, we seek to become closer to God through worship, prayer, sacraments, spiritual formation, fellowship and hospitality.

Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, we go forth proclaiming the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ in order to make disciples and serve our brothers and sisters with our time, talents, and treasure. Through our evangelization in word and deed, we strive to be the light of the world.

St. Martha Catholic Church and Sacred Heart Church present… Shrines of Italy

October 25 – November 4, 2016

11 Days – 15 Meals.

Highlights: Rome, Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, San Giovanni Rotondo, Tomb of Padre Pio, Abbey of Santissima, Trinita, Madonna del Rosario, Vatican City, Papal Audience, Christian Rome City Tour, St, Paul Outside the Walls, St John in Lateran, St. Peter's Basilica, St. Mary Major.

Double $3,899.

Book by April 26, 2016 and Save $200 per person.

To RSVP or for more information call Julio Velasquez at: 305-751-0005.

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Please Pray For Our Parish Leadership Team

Mike Palma, Cathy Palma, Maria Benitez, Reinaldo Trujillo, Pedro Guerrero, Bernadette Johnson, and Fr. Wilfredo Contreras.

Heavenly Father,
You have gathered us together as a parish to be Your visible life in our world. Here we unite in worship, proclaim Your word, celebrate the Eucharist, and are sent forth to share Your love and make disciples.

Lord, we take your Great Commission seriously and long for our parish to be so on-fire that we draw people to You. Help us in that endeavor, as we strive to work together ordained, religious and laity. Please make our parish amazing, through Your power and Your grace.


Edge Catholic Middle School Youth Ministry!

Open to middle schoolers

When: Fridays

Where: Parish Hall

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

For more information, please contact Amalia Palis at 305-978-3320 or email

ABCD: Give and You Shall Receive

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Our church is a place to pray, to give thanks, to mourn and to celebrate. A place for us all to unite in need and abundance to have mercy, lift each other up and ease pain and suffering. A place people turn to in their time of need. We are all instruments of God's mercy and peace. Our church, our family uniting to help those in need.

Thank you to all who have already generously responded to this year's ABCD. Your support strengthens the ministries that serve our Archdiocese and allow the Church to form new disciples. As Scriptures remind us, Give and it shall be given to you. Your neighbor needs you. You are the answer to someone's prayers, and together, we are changing lives.

If you have yet to respond to this year's ABCD, please take a moment to reflect upon the many blessings the Lord has given you and how He is calling you to respond this incredibly important annual campaign. To make a gift, you can obtain a pledge envelope from the parish office or you can make a gift online at Let us all unite through our support of this year's ABCD so that we can be One in Faith, One in Hope and One in Charity. Thank you.

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